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Act now! Preventive Maintenance

Don’t wait for it to break down to discover the benefits of preventive maintenance in retail!

When it comes to keeping our equipment or machinery in good condition, prevention is key. Whether it’s a computer, air conditioner, lock, pest, PCI or anything else, regular maintenance can save you a lot of headaches and unnecessary costs.

Preventive maintenance involves regular inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs to avoid major problems in the future. By establishing a preventive maintenance program, we can detect and solve problems before they become something more serious that can lead to prolonged downtime and significant expenses.

From Optima Retail we recommend you do not wait for something to break to take action, discover the benefits of preventive maintenance and make sure your equipment and machinery are in its best state for longer
Preventive Maintenance: avoid major problems in the future

In addition to preventing costly breakdowns, preventive maintenance offers a number of additional benefits. It can increase the lifespan of our equipment, improve its energy efficiency, prevent harmful pests of rapid reproduction that pose a health hazard, in addition to causing damage to furniture, merchandise and infrastructure.

It can also help us maintain our safety and that of our working environment by avoiding risk situations such as chemical leaks or electrical failures.

At Optima Retail we recommend that you do not wait for something to break to take action, discover the benefits of preventive maintenance and make sure that your equipment and machinery are in its best condition for a longer time.


  1. Benefits of implementing a preventive maintenance programme.

  2. Key components of a successful preventive maintenance plan.

  3. Steps to develop a preventive maintenance program.

  4. Tools and technologies for effective preventive maintenance.

  5. Case studies showing the impact of preventive maintenance.

  6. The future of preventive maintenance and its impact on companies.


1.- Benefits of implementing a preventive maintenance programme

The implementation of the preventive maintenance program Optima Retail brings with it a series of significant benefits for Retail companies. One of the biggest benefits is the long-term cost reduction. By avoiding major breakdowns, we can save on costly repairs and lost productivity associated with downtime.

In addition, Optima Retail preventive maintenance can extend the life of equipment and machinery. By conducting regular inspections and making necessary repairs in a timely manner, we can prevent premature wear and tear of components. This allows us to make the most of the investment made in equipment and delay the need to replace it.


2.- Key components of the success of the preventive maintenance plan Optima Retail

At Optima Retail we solve retail maintenance problems, anytime and anywhere. Our global experience and innovative approach allows us to offer comprehensive and efficient solutions to ensure the optimal operation of your stores. We include regular planning of inspections and maintenance, adequate allocation of human and material resources, and monitoring of activities and results.

Regular scheduling of inspections and maintenance ensures that they are carried out in a timely manner and are not overlooked. This allows us to detect problems and take corrective action proactively. The proper allocation of resources Optima Retail ensures that we have the trained personnel and tools necessary to carry out maintenance tasks efficiently.

Our Quality Control department works tirelessly to ensure that your experience meets the highest standards, which is backed by the prestigious Bureau Veritas procedure certification seal.


If during this process an incident or opportunity for improvement is identified. Solving it is our absolute priority!


And as if this were not enough, from anywhere our customers can access detailed reports, cost statistics and feedbacks of the interventions made in their stores.


3.- Steps to develop a preventive maintenance program

To develop the effective preventive maintenance program, it is important to follow a number of key steps. These steps will help us design a customized plan that suits the needs of each of our retail customers.

1.- We will make planned and regular visits to your establishments to keep the equipment in good working order, prolong its useful life, reduce maintenance and repair costs in the long term.

2.- We will identify the equipment and machinery to include for our preventive maintenance program. This is based on the importance of equipment for our operations and the frequency of use.

3.- We will perform a risk analysis: By conducting a risk analysis, we can identify possible problems and failures that could affect the performance of our equipment. This allows us to prioritize maintenance tasks and allocate adequate resources.

4.- We will establish a maintenance schedule: Once we have identified the equipment and machinery, we will establish a maintenance schedule. This involves determining the frequency and scope of inspections and maintenance.

5.- We will allocate adequate resources to ensure that maintenance is performed efficiently.

6. We will monitor and continuously evaluate the preventive maintenance program. This allows us to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments as needed.


4.- Tools and technologies for effective preventive maintenance

Technology is our constant ally; we use the latest tools to optimize every process, from the unification of visits to the availability of information anywhere in the world. This commitment to efficiency allows us to guarantee the quality and speed that our retail customers deserve.


5.- Case studies showing the impact of preventive maintenance

To better understand the impact of preventive maintenance, it is useful to analyze some real case studies. These examples show how different companies have managed to improve their performance and reduce costs by implementing preventive maintenance programs.

Case Study 1 - A beauty and cosmetics company implemented an Optima Retail maintenance program. They have reduced their maintenance costs by 11% and 15% by hiring preventive maintenance. We are currently expanding the contracts of this important chain to more than 10 countries.

Case Study 2 - A young fashion company, implemented our preventive maintenance which included regular inspections. As a result they managed to reduce the cost of breakdowns by 25% compared to previous costs, with more than 100 direct congratulations from the group’s stores for the efficiency in resolving incidents and the treatment of technicians.

6.- The future of preventive maintenance and its impact on companies.

Preventive maintenance is a key strategy to keep our equipment and machinery in good condition and avoid costly breakdowns. By implementing a preventive maintenance program, we can increase the service life of our equipment, improve its efficiency and reduce costs in the long run. In addition, preventive maintenance helps us to stay safe and maintain a safe working environment.

Don’t wait until something breaks down to take action. Discover the benefits of Optima Retail preventive maintenance and make sure our equipment and machines are in their best condition for longer. Preventive maintenance is a worthwhile investment, both for the pocket and for peace of mind.

We maintain EVERYTHING your retail store may need, no matter what type of breakdown or service you may require, nothing is beyond our reach.


With a global presence in more than 50 countries, we are committed to providing our customers with a unified service and fully adjusted to the demands of speed required by Retail.

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