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The Fascinating Evolution of Brands: Enrique Tomás

Enrique Tomás: From Barcelona Market to an Iberian Ham Empire with 500 Shops on the Horizon

Enrique Tomás opened his first pork butcher’s in 1982 after finishing school; now he has 136 stores worldwide.

Enrique Tomás, a self-taught entrepreneur, began his career at the age of 16 at his parents' gourmet in the Barcelona Health market. Since then, it has built a thriving empire focused on Iberian ham, with over 80 stores spanning the globe. Its annual turnover exceeds 100 million euros and employs more than 1,300 people. With an ambitious expansion plan, it seeks to reach 500 stores in seven years, with a strong presence in Barcelona, Madrid, the rest of Spain and Europe, especially in the United Kingdom.

In its stores stands out the ubiquitous presence of ham, with a wide range of products available to take home, including practical cases with sliced ham and vacuum bags, as well as popular cones with pieces of ham or fuet, ideal for eating on the street.

Enrique Tomás: From Barcelona Market to an Iberian Ham Empire with 500 Shops on the Horizon
Enrique Tomás: From Barcelona Market to an Iberian Ham Empire with 500 Shops on the Horizon

Behind all these innovative ideas is meticulous work to select the best raw material. Recently, it acquired its first ham factory in Villanueva de Córdoba, investing 10 million euros to guarantee the quality and quantity of production.

Despite challenges, such as the crisis that has affected ham prices, Enrique Tomás continues to expand his business successfully. Your online store already bills 5 million euros and is the second in company billing.

The company Enrique Tomás has contributed significantly to changing consumer perception regarding Iberian ham and the buying experience in the charcuterie sector.

Here are some aspects of evolution enrique tomás how it has influenced this evolution:

Memorable shopping experience: Enrique Tomás has transformed the experience of buying Iberian ham, making it more than just buying a product. Its shops offer a welcoming and attractive atmosphere, where customers can enter the world of Iberian ham, learning about its origins, varieties and processing processes. This has contributed to creating a memorable and educational experience for consumers.

Quality and selection: The company has stood out for its commitment to quality and product selection. Enrique Tomás has established solid relationships with Iberian ham suppliers from various regions of Spain, thus guaranteeing a varied and high-quality offer for its customers. This attention to quality has helped to improve consumer perception of Iberian ham and has generated confidence in the brand.

Innovation and adaptation: Enrique Tomás has proven to be attentive to market trends and changing consumer needs. The company has introduced innovations such as practical cases with sliced ham and vacuum packaging, as well as cones with pieces of ham or fuet, which have been popular with customers and have added value to the shopping experience.

Transparency and trust: The company has prioritized transparency and open communication with customers, providing detailed information on the origin and quality of its products. This transparency has helped build trust in the brand and has strengthened the relationship with consumers.

Enrique Tomás has changed consumer perception by offering a memorable shopping experience, a selection of high-quality products, innovation and adaptation to market needs, and transparent and reliable communication with customers. These initiatives have helped to improve the perception of Iberian ham and have positioned the company as a benchmark in the charcuterie sector.

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