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Retail 2025 vision of the future

2025 Uncovered: Madrid, epicentre of the visionary strategies that will rewrite Retail

AER, with a great turnout in the world of retail and a warm welcome, made the event 'The Future of Retail - Horizon 2025 Congress' an essential milestone for the sector.

"The Future of Retail" organized by the Spanish Retail Association (AER) was held on June 12, 2024 in Madrid, at the Francisco Giner de los Ríos Foundation. This congress, called "Horizon 2025", focused on the trends and strategies that will shape the future of the retail sector, seeking to provide a comprehensive vision of the challenges and opportunities that the industry will face.

The congress was attended by leading experts such as Laureano Turienzo, president of the AER; Andy Stalman, co-founder and CEO of TOTEM Branding; and César Tello, CEO of Adigital. During the event, topics related to digitalization, artificial intelligence and how these technologies are transforming the customer experience in retail were discussed. The best practices of pioneering companies such as Mango, Primark and Alain Afflelou, among others, were also highlighted, focusing on how they are advancing the future of retail through innovation and engagement with their customers.

The congress was exclusive to the retail environment and was also offered in streaming, thus allowing a wider reach and the participation of stakeholders at a global level. An exclusive report was presented by Caixabank Payments & Consumer on the macroeconomic trends that will influence the future of retail, providing valuable economic context for the day's discussions.

This great event was positioned as a crucial space to understand where the retail sector is headed, setting the guidelines for the strategies to be followed in a market increasingly influenced by technology and the personalization of the consumer experience.

Three fundamental aspects were discussed

  1. Consumer: The importance of adapting to the expectations of the new generations and how technology can improve the shopping experience was analyzed.

  2. Talent: Talent management in retail was discussed, focusing on the need to attract, develop and retain the right employees to innovate and adapt to rapid change.

  3. Sustainability: The need to integrate sustainable practices into all operations to minimize environmental impact and meet the demands of environmentally conscious consumers was highlighted.

Here is the complete video of everything that was discussed in this event. Exploring the keys to the future of retail: adapting to the modern consumer, strategic talent management, and sustainable practices. Don't miss it to stay up to date with the latest trends and strategies in the sector:


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