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Tel 24h 7/7: 0034 911 438 061

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Questions fréquentes

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  • What service do you provide?
    We maintain EVERYTHING your retail store may need. Our most outstanding services are: Electricity - Air conditioning - Plumbing - Painting - Locksmithing - PCI - Surveillance - Pest control - IT - Cleaning - Carpentry - Gardening - Lighting - Sound - Masonry - Lifts We perform any service you may require, nothing is beyond our reach.
  • Why should I trust Optima Retail with the maintenance of my stores
    Because we are Retail experts with a singular focus: Complete customer satisfaction. This translates into our entire process being tailored to the speed, quality, communication, and control required in the Retail sector to deliver flawless service.
  • What advantages does your management platform offer?
    Forget about worrying over costly and complicated software and systems, as we offer you an entirely free online solution that has it all. With us, you can track every maintenance visit, access interactive reports, have complete control over your costs, and best of all, enjoy detailed photographic reports on every visit, along with service ratings for each store. Maintenance management has never been as easy and exciting as it is with us!
  • In which countries is Optima Retail present?
    Currently, we assist our clients in over 50 countries worldwide and continue to expand. We offer a complete unified service guarantee, tailored to the local language for personalized service.
  • Will I have a single point of contact assigned to me?
    Absolutely! As part of our personalized service, we'll assign you a Facility Manager as a single point of contact to address and handle all your requests. With Optima Retail, worrying is a thing of the past!
  • Should I hire a preventive maintenance service?
    Preventive maintenance service is the key to keeping your stores in top shape. With our revolutionary Smart Facility Management methodology, our clients have saved up to an astounding 27%. The key lies in efficient management, coordination, and execution of scheduled visits combined with effective resolution of identified issues.
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