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The 8 most influential brands in the metaverse

Did you know that the metaverse is a great business opportunity and is the key to gaining the advantage of being the first to move? Yes, indeed, major companies are paying attention to the Metaverse market as a new market, through the sale of digital content and communication with users.

It is worth mentioning that the metaverse is a growing future market. In fact, companies whose brands are within the metaverse are poised for incredible growth. By examining the following examples, you will see how these companies harness new technologies to achieve new innovations.

metaverse brands

Furthermore, companies are striving to gain recognition from both consumers and business operators, aiming to increase profitability. In other words, in the near future, the Metaverse will be incorporated into everyday life as something natural.

In other words, we assure you that brands that find ways to be creative in the metaverse will impress marketing specialists, whether they are transporting people to Mars in a spaceship or creating a virtual environment in a spaceship. Let's see how the metaverse attracts new consumers to its virtual stores.

Do you know a bit about the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a viable universe that you connect to using a series of devices that will make you wonder if you're inside it, until you interact with all its elements. Additionally, with the metaverse, it certainly transports you to a new world using virtual reality glasses and other accessories that allow you to communicate with it.


In the other hand, the virtual world is not a space of fantasy but rather a kind of alternative reality where you can do the same things you currently do outside your home but without the need to leave your room.

Importance of the Metaverse for brands

Why are companies currently interested in becoming metaverse brands? Because the Metaverse will help your customers interact with your products and brand more openly and smoothly. Similarly, it will benefit you in collecting valuable information about customer behavior and preferences.

fornite metaverse

In this sense, the metaverse will allow your brand to expand to a broader audience. Also, by creating your virtual store in the metaverse, the company will be able to reach customers worldwide, without geographical limitations like those of a physical store.

Likewise, the customer will not have limitations when viewing photos and descriptions of products; on the contrary, they will be able to explore the products in a three-dimensional environment, allowing them to detail the product from different angles and contexts.

Las principales marcas de metaverso que venden productos digitales

The metaverse has become an intriguing icon for all kinds of brands. We invite you to take a look and get to know the most influential ones in the metaverse.


Roblox is a platform with a strong emphasis on gaming and interacting online with other players. Over 50 million Generation Z and Alpha players use this game. Roblox is a game based on a three-dimensional simulator created through existing gaming technology.

roblox metaverse

Currently, it has more than 20 million digital games for fans, becoming a key access point for fully immersive metaverse experiences.


Hyundai Motor Company launched Mobility Adventure, a metaverse space in Roblox featuring Hyundai Motor's products and upcoming mobility solutions. In this sense, the jointly shared virtual space will allow you to learn about and appreciate Hyundai's mobility offerings and customize their avatars.

In addition to this, the automotive company directs its metaverse experience to young consumers who have mastery in technology to explore virtual worlds.


Another favorite game of Generation Z, Fortnite, has become one of the most popular online games in history worldwide. Over 50% of game-loving teenagers have played Fortnite.


For this reason, their online revenues have been increasing; by 2020, their capital generated $5.1 billion, a 37% year-on-year increase.


The famous sports and fitness brand Nike is one of the most consumer-oriented metaverse brands. In fact, one of its most important projects can be seen in the Roblox system under the name Nikeland with the intention of integrating sports and gaming into a lifestyle.

nike metaverse

It is worth announcing that Nikeland has parks, courts, obstacle courses, and athletics tracks, which were built as a metaverse brand to show the public what Nike is.


The fast-food chain Wendy's entered the metaverse through the game mode Food Fight via the game Fortnite. The store managed to get many users to join this game with the intention of getting their message across to players that Wendy's beef is fresh, never frozen.


Balenciaga partnered with Epic Games to include high-fashion skins for Fortnite. The renowned fashion house created four attributes, including Balenciaga accessories, designer peak fashion, and a Balenciaga bag. Likewise, it offers a clothing line in the real world, as well as a Balenciaga virtual store where the player can buy cosmetics.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton launched Louis: The Game, a video game that follows Vivienne, a mascot created with the brand's initials, as she travels through the virtual world and travels to shaky territories around the world in search of collectible NFT candles. Each candle opens anecdotes of Louis and his family's travels.

louis vuitton metaverse

Epic Games & Lego

The block game brand Lego teamed up with the creators of the popular game Fortnite, Epic Games. Together, they created a safe place where children can explore the metaverse. Their intention in design is to make safety and privacy an advantage. Additionally, provide children and parents with the necessary tools to monitor their digital experience.

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